If you wanna have some fun and keep your pulse beating New York is the best place to go. As the cliche goes “a city that doesn’t sleep” rings true. If you happen to be a tourist or an immigrant visiting the place for the first time, your adrenaline will keep you alive till the wee hours not realizing you have already slept on your table with empty bottle of wine in your hand. New Yorkers don’t bother their city to be branded a sin city, anyway sinful delirium as they call it is not a sickness after all.

From tourist haven to city of Jazz, New York has never been so lonely especially during the night. If you are an old soul reminisce the good old days by dropping by at the Louche Time Square where your favorite Broadway musicale is being played. Listening to your favorite jazz music is a must when you visit New York where is it known for as a “hub” of Jazz World.

Jazz greats started their career in New York. Gordon Polatnick offers jazz tours from the Village to Harlem every night. If your young and carefree, enjoy rock music to the max. In certain nights youngsters under 21 years old or even 16 years old can enjoy the night away in hot spots and they don’t have to worry about being caught and put to jail. Relaxation means sitting in soft comfy chaise lounge and sipping a goblet of your favorite drinks. Bring your sweetheart to the dance floor and show your dancing prowess like a ballerina.

Ballroom dancing is another option when you want to dance the night away. Stand-up comedy are a must-see attraction, that is if you want to enjoy a good laughter. Comedy bars are everywhere. Reminisce the days when Al Pacino made his comic acts or perhaps Jerry Seinfeld for the young-and-comers. Reduced drink prices are offered during happy hours at bars and pubs. The city of beautiful people also offers ultra hip nightclubs with sexy women gyrating at showtime. Late night hangouts are flooded with party-goers from Manhattan Island,to East Village,down to 14th street, Houston, East of Broadway-where local bars open late.

In New York, renowned DJs in the US started their career here, not to mention some unknown became Hollywood great. Late night dining is popular among food lovers. Asian, European and American cuisines are catered to guests to suit their discriminating taste. In Chinatown, you can choose from a wide array of Oriental delicacies from dim sum to noodles. Don’t ever forget to buy some feng shui items to bring you good luck. Tired of walking around without stretching your tired muscles, shoot pool like a pro or enjoy yourself at bowling alleys with your rubber shoes. SoHo, New York’s hip capital is home to nightclubs, cocktail lounges that cater to wide range of clientele from high-society, sophisticated to gays.

Entrance fees are pricey and strict dress code should be compiled. Beautiful and cool party animals break through the velvet-roped cocktail lounges. Smarter nightclubs limit their drinking age to 21 and identification card is a must to show proof of age. These nightclubs are a bit pricey. Take note that the average price of beer is $5 to $7. Cocktail drinks are sold at $10. A tip of $1 to $2 is expected per drink. The price of enjoyment is only a dime in New York and nobody cares about how much you spent in the city that never sleeps